FIFA 23 Packs - FIFA Ultimate Team Packs List, Prices, Contents

In this table you will find the complete list of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team packs. The list include how much a pack is worth in coins and FIFA points, and also the average content based on our pack collection.

Why are there decimal value for Players, Contracts, etc.? Those values are the average taken from our database. So if a pack has value 5.66 for Players, it means that on average you get between 5 and 6 players in that pack.

NameCoinsFPItemsRareQuick Sell ValuePlayersContractsTrainingHealingKitStadiumVanity ItemMiscellaneousCustom
75+ Rated Rare Player Pack--110100000000
80+ Rare Gold Player--110100000000
82+ Rated Rare Player Pack--110100000000
83+ Rare Gold Player Pack--110100000000
Premium Loan Player Reward Pack--4101.240.410.490.460.620.050.350.080.14
Club Anthem Pack--100000000100
Club Nickname Pack--300000000300
Crowd Chant Pack--200000000200
Electrum Players Pack--1212,5381200000000
Fifa 23 Starter Kit Bundle Pack100,0002,000202001900000010
Goal Sfx Pack--100000000100
Goal Vfx Pack--110000000100
Gold Booster Pack--719863.33300000.3300
Gold Mini Customisation Pack--40000000.8602.2900.71
Gold Players Pack--1213,7851200000000
Gold Premium Booster Pack--7303300000.500
Historic Cover Icon Pack--110100000000
Loan & Untradeable Players Pack (preorder)--3369200000010
Jumbo Bronze Pack--24307.728.15001.490.064.740.080.68
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack--2478,7802400000000
Jumbo Rare Players Pack--242402400000000
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack--24707.618.38001.280.14.830.070.68
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15,0003002475,1037.436.9551.050.680.091.540.050.45
Gold Contracts Pack--40132040000000
Loan Totw Pack Pack--110100000000
Mega Pack35,00070030187,59010.458.145.411.950.590.
Mega Pack--30187,0111176210100.67
Mixed Contracts Pack--4066040000000
Mixed Rare Booster Pack--771,6793.572.7100000.430.290
Ones To Watch Player Pack (preorder)--110100000000
78+ Rare Gold Player Pack--110100000000
Premium Mixed Players Pack--1232,3561200000000
Prime Gold Players Pack--12601200000000
Gold Pack--1212,0493.53.682.390.520.370.030.950.080.2
Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack--2674,9209.57510.3801.8800.63
Three Common Gold Players Pack--30853300000000
Draft Token Pack--51573102000110
Mixed Players Pack--1211,7201200000000
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack--24707.987.64001.430.
Lawnmower Pack--220000000200
Bronze Pack--1211913.544.11000.802.510.110.5
Premium Electrum Players Pack--12301200000000
Pitch Line Paint Pack--200000000200
Premium Bronze Pack750-1232443.534.03000.80.042.610.110.38
Premium Gold Players Pack--1234,2601200000000
Premium Gold Preview Pack7,5001501232,9373.553.622.430.470.380.040.890.090.21
Premium Gold Pack7,5001501232,2723.543.672.40.490.380.030.910.10.18
Premium Loan Player Reward Pack--415481.6700.67000100.33
Premium Silver Pack3,750751231,1103.333.76000.82030.090.33
Premium Gold Players Pack25,0003501235,2181200000000
Prime Electrum Players Pack--1265,4581200000000
Prime Electrum Players Pack--1263,8501200000000
Prime Gold Players Pack--12601200000000
Prime Mixed Players Pack--1263,2831200000000
Prime Mixed Players Pack--1265,8561200000000
Rare Electrum Players Pack--121201200000000
Rare Gold Pack--12127,7833.542.50.5000.500.5
Rare Gold Pack--121213,2043.593.642.50.410.5900.640.090.18
Rare Mega Pack--3030010.677.925.441.880.850.081.940.130.31
Rare Mixed Players Pack--12124,4091200000000
Rare Players Pack--121201200000000
Rare Players Pack--121212,9901200000000
Silver Pack--1219023.554.1000.602.600.65
Silver Players Pack--1211,3571200000000
Small Electrum Players Pack--611,762600000000
Small Gold Players Pack--611,957600000000
Small Mixed Customisation Pack--610000010.054.500.41
Small Mixed Players Pack--610600000000
Small Prime Gold Players Pack--633,672600000000
Small Prime Gold Players Pack--632,579600000000
Small Rare Gold Players Pack--660600000000
Small Rare Mixed Players Pack--662,623600000000
Stadium Starter Pack--1233,587000020901
Gold Players Ft 80+ Rare Pack--1214,4181200000000
Jumbo Gold Pack--2433,5547.746.6351.110.7401.530.160.32
Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack--4131510.80.60000.800.2
Tifos Pack--310000000300
Tinted Flags Pack--330000000300
Goal Net Paint Pack--200000000200
Two 75-83 Rated Players Pack--210200000000
Two 75-83 Rated Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
Two Players Pack--21643200000000
Two Rare Gold Players Pack--221,822200000000
Two Silver Players Pack--210200000000
Two-stick Banners Pack--310000000300
Untradeable Premium Gold Players Pack20,00030012301200000000
Xl Tifo Pack--100000000100
Small Electrum Customisation Pack--61000001.080400.75
Rare Electrum Players Pack--12125,0851200000000