EAFC 24 Packs - EAFC Ultimate Team Packs List, Prices, Contents

In this table you will find the complete list of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team packs. The list include how much a pack is worth in coins and EA FC points, and also the average content based on our pack collection.

Why are there decimal value for Players, Contracts, etc.? Those values are the average taken from our database. So if a pack has value 5.66 for Players, it means that on average you get between 5 and 6 players in that pack.

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NameCoinsFCPItemsRareQuick Sell ValuePlayersContractsTrainingHealingKitStadiumVanity ItemMiscellaneousCustom
11 Gold Players Pack--11101100000000
3x Rare Gold Players Pack--330300000000
75+ Rated Rare Player Pack--111,652100000000
80+ Rare Gold Player Pack--110100000000
80+ X10 Rare Gold Players Pack--101001000000000
80+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
80+ X5 Rare Gold Players Pack--550500000000
81+ X11 Rare Gold Players Pack--111101100000000
81+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
82+ Rated Rare Player Pack--11593100000000
82+ X10 Rare Gold Players Pack--101001000000000
83+ Rare Gold Player Pack--110100000000
83+ X10 Rare Gold Players Pack--101001000000000
83+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
83+ X5 Rare Gold Players Pack--550500000000
83+ X20 Rare Gold Players Pack--202002000000000
84+ X3 Rare Gold Players Pack--330300000000
84+ X4 Rare Gold Players Pack Pack--440400000000
84+ X5 Rare Gold Players Pack--550500000000
85+ Rare Gold Player Pack--11616100000000
85+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--223,658200000000
85+ X3 Rare Gold Players Pack--331,838300000000
85+ X5 Rare Gold Players Pack Pack--550500000000
86+ X3 Rare Gold Players Pack Pack--330300000000
87+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
8x Rare Gold Players Pack--884,551800000000
Base Icon Max 89 Single Player Pack--110100000000
Base Icon Player Pack--110100000000
Breakthrough Attackers Pack Pack285,0002,000606006000000000
Breakthrough Common Gold Provisions20,00025030003000000000
Breakthrough Jumbo Rare Players Pack Plus120,0002,000252518,5692400000010
Breakthrough Jumbo Ultimate Players Pack Plus180,0003,000414125,0494000000010
Breakthrough Rare Gold Provisions40,000500404004000000000
Breakthrough Small Rare Players Pack Plus30,000500773,398600000010
Bronze Pack--1211903.514.01000.610.022.720.130.51
Bronze Pack--1211854.23.4000.202.20.41
Centurions Foundations Pack100,0001,000262602500000010
Club Anthem Pack--100000000100
Club Nickname Pack--300000000300
Common Gold Pack--500500000000
Common Silver Pack--400400000000
Crowd Chant Pack--200000000200
Deluxe 86+ Pack125,0001,500202013,2062000000000
Deluxe Season #1 Encore Pack150,0001,500151501500000000
Dynamic Duo Heroes Pack350,0002,500222202200000000
Dynamic Duo Icons Pack450,0003,000121201200000000
Ea Play Welcome Pack--1070000020620
Small Electrum Players Pack--611,425600000000
Elite Breakthrough Lightning Pack400,0003,000100100010000000000
Elite Starter Pack Pack275,0003,000333303200000010
Energizer Pack10-330300000000
Essentials Starter Pack175,0002,000292902800000010
Trailblazers Essentials Pack85,0001,000313103000000010
Fc Founder Pack--12120000020613
Fc Pro Loan Pack--110100000000
Foundations Starter Pack50,000500131301300000000
Goal Net Paint Pack--200000000200
Goal Sfx Pack--100000000100
Goal Vfx Pack--110000000100
Gold Booster Pack--711,3823.452.8200.09000.3600.18
Gold Contracts Pack--40128040000000
Gold Mini Customisation Pack--40000000.790.072.2900.46
Gold Pack--1211,9084.52.672.6700.17010.170
Gold Pack--1211,7423.573.642.410.480.340.040.930.10.19
Gold Players Pack--1213,9841200000000
Gold Players Pack--1213,5541200000000
Gold Premium Booster Pack--731,7793.462.930.180.110.0700.1400.07
Gold Rare Booster Pack--772,4153.
Foundations Season Opener Pack80,0001,000161601300000030
Untradeable Ucl/uwcl Hero (preorder)--110100000000
Join The Club Pack--330300000000
Jumbo Bronze Pack--24307.78.21000.790.045.370.090.73
Jumbo Gold 26 Pack--2634,3649.676.8951.110.830.061.440.110.28
Jumbo Gold Pack--2433,7107.546.7551.160.670.071.610.170.34
Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack--2675,1719.516.8651.10.760.061.550.110.33
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack--2474,3357.426.8551.150.670.
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack--2474,7997.556.8651.070.740.
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack--24702400000000
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack--2478,6092400000000
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack--2472,425970000611
Jumbo Rare Players Pack100,0002,000242416,0352400000000
Jumbo Rare Players Pack--242414,4102400000000
Jumbo Ultimate Pack--404031,7754000000000
Lawnmower Pack--220000000200
Loan Players Pack (preorder)--33138100000020
Max 87 Base Icon Player--110100000000
Mega Pack--30187,75110.538.075.41.890.730.121.930.110.44
Rare Mega Pack--30308,66410.637.955.421.790.7401.890.210.37
Mega Pack--30187,53410.617.935.471.910.880.091.910.090.27
Radioactive Micro Pack30,000200111101000000010
Mixed Rare Booster Pack--771,3023.362.88000.0800.240.040
Mixed Contracts Pack--4080040000000
Mixed Players Pack--1211,7121200000000
Nano Season Opener Pack10,000100550200000030
New Era Pack--330300000000
Nike And Totw Content (preorder)--330200010000
Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack--41602100.500.501.500.5
Small Rare Gold Players Pack--663,832600000000
Prime Electrum Players Pack--1264,4861200000000
Rare Electrum Players Pack--12124,9031200000000
78+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
84+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
Rare Electrum Players Pack--12125,8551200000000
Breakthrough Rare Players Pack Plus60,0001,00013136,7461200000010
84+ Rare Gold Player Pack--110100000000
4x Rare Gold Players Pack--442,248400000000
82+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
87+ Campaign Mix Pack--110100000000
78+ Rare Gold Player Pack Pack--110100000000
Pepsi Content Pack--220100010000
Premium Trailblazers Pack175,0002,000323203000000020
Pitch Line Paint Pack--200000000200
Max 87 Base Hero Player--110100000000
Premium 86+ Double Pack175,0002,000202018,2692000000000
Premium Bronze Pack750-1232503.534.06000.690.042.670.110.41
Premium Gold Pack7,5001501232,0213.533.672.
Premium Gold Players Pack25,0003501234,4941200000000
Premium Gold Players Pack--1234,5131200000000
Premium Gold Preview Pack7,5001501233,8403.73.52.410.380.390.030.870.190.23
Premium Loan Player Reward Pack--41297111000100
Premium Loan Player Reward Pack--414251.340.70.440.
Premium Mixed Players Pack--1232,0221200000000
Premium Silver Pack3,750751231,1043.573.95000.570.012.890.090.38
Premium Silver Players Pack--1231,6441200000000
Premium Centurions Pack200,0002,000525205000000020
Premium Road To The Knockouts Pack175,0002,000323203000000020
Prime Bronze Players Pack--1265361200000000
Prime Gaming Pack--1212052.7121.160001.130
Prime Gaming Pack--1212052.672.1710001.170
Prime Gold Players Pack45,0006001265,4181200000000
Prime Mixed Players Pack--1262,8831200000000
Prime Silver Players Pack--1262,0981200000000
84+ Rttk/trailblazers Player Pack--110100000000
Radioactive Gamma Pack300,0002,000636306000000030
Radioactive Loan Player Pack--110100000000
Radioactive Ultraviolet Pack450,0003,000646406000000040
Rare Gold Pack--12123,7003.583.622.410.490.410.030.880.080.16
Rare Gold Pack--12123,4033.553.642.390.470.30.020.970.130.19
Rare Mega Pack--3030010.68.025.391.840.580.
Rare Mixed Players Pack--12124,1261200000000
Rare Players Pack--12128,1831200000000
Rare Players Pack50,0001,00012127,4681200000000
Replay Jumbo Ultimate Pack180,0003,000414131,0074000000010
Road To The Knockouts Foundations Pack Pack85,0001,000161601500000010
Season Opener Common Gold Provisions Pack25,00050045004500000000
Silver Pack--1218763.564.06000.490.032.820.120.43
Silver Players Pack--1211,3661200000000
Single Draft Token Pack--110000000010
Small Bronze Players Pack--61135600000000
Small Electrum Customisation Pack--61000000.660.064.4600.63
Small Gold Players Pack--612,061600000000
Small Mixed Customisation Pack--61000000.650.024.5400.64
Small Mixed Players Pack--610600000000
Small Prime Electrum Players Pack--632,013600000000
Small Prime Gold Players Pack--632,982600000000
Small Prime Gold Players Pack--632,955600000000
Small Prime Mixed Players Pack--631,307600000000
Small Prime Silver Players Pack--631,050600000000
Small Rare Gold Players Pack--663,454600000000
Small Rare Mixed Players Pack--661,981600000000
Small Silver Players Pack--61789600000000
Elite Centurions Pack300,0003,000103103010000000030
Deluxe Trailblazers Pack125,0001,500313103000000010
Ultimate Pack--303019,8343000000000
Radioactive Alpha Pack50,00050011115,8061000000010
Radioactive Beta Pack150,0001,000373703500000020
83+ X3 Rare Gold Players Pack--330300000000
Prime Gold Players Pack--1265,0531200000000
Thunderstruck Essentials Pack70,000500222202000000020
Campaign Mix Pack--110100000000
Premium Energizer Pack30-101001000000000
Season Opener Small Rare Players Pack Plus30,000500773,403600000010
Breakthrough Foundations Lightning Pack150,0001,000353503500000000
Supreme Season Opener Pack215,0002,500424204000000020
Elite Season Opener Pack285,0003,000474704500000020
Premium Season Opener Pack175,0002,000323203000000020
Totw 1-3 Player Pack--110100000000
Totw 1-4 Player Pack--110100000000
Three 81+ Attackers Players Pack--330300000000
Three Common Gold Players Pack--30956300000000
Thunderstruck Foundations Pack150,0001,000383803500000030
Thunderstruck Mini Pack40,000300111101000000010
Thunderstruck Nano Pack10,000100770600000010
Thunderstruck Premium Pack300,0002,000545405000000040
Thunderstruck Supreme Pack500,0003,500575705100000060
Thunderstruck Elite Pack450,0003,000565605100000050
Tifos Pack--310000000300
Tinted Flags Pack--330000000300
Two 75-83 Rated Players Pack--210200000000
Two 75-83 Rated Rare Gold Players Pack--220200000000
Two Players Pack--21651200000000
Two Rare Gold Players Pack--221,145200000000
Two Silver Players Pack--210200000000
Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack--414311.430.620.330.
Ultimate Pack--303003000000000
Ultimate Team Welcome Pack--550000000050
Elite Road To The Knockouts Pack285,0003,000838308000000030
X15 Rare Gold Players Pack--15159,8951500000000
Xl Tifo Pack--100000000100