EAFC 24 Packs - EAFC Ultimate Team Packs List, Prices, Contents

In this table you will find the complete list of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team packs. The list include how much a pack is worth in coins and EA FC points, and also the average content based on our pack collection.

Why are there decimal value for Players, Contracts, etc.? Those values are the average taken from our database. So if a pack has value 5.66 for Players, it means that on average you get between 5 and 6 players in that pack.

NameCoinsFCPItemsRareQuick Sell ValuePlayersContractsTrainingHealingKitStadiumVanity ItemMiscellaneousCustom
Bundesliga Tots Trio Guarantee Pack725,0004,500636306300000000
Epic Historical Encore Pack750,0004,500393903900000000
Epic Toty Pack700,0004,500313102500000060
Future Stars Pulsar Pack700,0004,500404003700000030
Greats Of The Game Duo Guarantee Pack725,0004,500222202200000000
Epic Ligue 1 Tots Duo Guarantee Pack700,0004,500525205200000000
Premier League Tots Duo Guarantee Pack750,0005,000373703700000000
Ultimate Birthday Duo Guarantee Pack700,0004,000525205200000000
Ultimate Birthday Icon Guarantee Pack750,0005,000212102100000000
Ultimate Tots Prism Pack750,0005,000111101100000000
Ultra Tots Guarantee Pack750,0004,000222202200000000

EA FC 24 Club Import

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