Gold Booster Pack

Gold Booster Pack - A focused mix of Gold items to boost your squad! Includes a total of 7 items, both players and consumables, all Gold with 1 Rare.

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How much is a Gold Booster Pack worth?

The Gold Booster Pack costs - Coins or - FC Points if you buy it from the store. On average the value of a Gold Booster Pack is 2,037 Coins, and the average discard value is 1,250 .

What is in the Gold Booster Pack?

In a Gold Booster Pack you will find 7 items , 1 of which are rare items. On average this pack will contain the following items: 3.5 player, 0.21 vanity, 0.06 ball, 0.09 training, 0.01 stadium, 0.03 manager, 0.06 health, 0.09 kit, 0.02 misc, 2.87 contract, 0.07 custom.

Is the Gold Booster Pack worth it?

We never recommend buying packs with coins, since the average Gold Booster Pack value is 2,037 Coins, and the average discard value is 1,250.

If you buy the Gold Booster Pack with coins, you would on average lose NaN Coins.

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