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Årskavalkade-spillervalg - Lagbyggingsoppgaver

Få 1 av 3 spillere som ble sluppet eksklusivt via LBO-er og Oppgaver i UT 24 i oktober (ikke inkludert helter og ikoner).


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1 of 3 84+ Year In Review
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Year in Review Player Pick

Earn 1 of 3 Players that were released exclusively through SBCs and Objectives in UT 24 in October (not including Heroes & Icons).


EA FC 24 Club Import

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website

With MyClub you can import your EAFC Ultimate Team club and find out how much it is worth and how many coins you can make by selling everything.

  • Club import
  • Players, Tradepile, unassigned value
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  • Personal collection
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